Adhesive Films

Product Description

Adhesive films feature products with high bonding strength, excellent flexibility, and inventions specifically for gold-plated surfaces and use in airtight packages. Adhesive films are designed for long-term durability on honeycomb and metal to metal components where high strengths at 177°C is required. Adhesive films, for electronics delivers maximum performance and cost-efficiency. Heat seal adhesives are used for laminating, coating and bonding applications. A wide assortment of specialized thermoplastic adhesive films, are available with extrusion and reverse roll coating processes. SAF adhesives, bond to a wide series of substrates, ranging from metals and fabrics to polymer based materials.

The electrically conductive adhesive films, are available in various thicknesses, tensile strengths and lap shear strengths, thermal conductivity ratings and primary cure cycle times. The electrically insulating adhesive film products bond well to gold and other difficult surfaces.

The window film industry today uses two types of mounting adhesives i.e. Pressure Sensitive (PS) and Dry Adhesive (DA). Each type of adhesive has its own particular quality; keeping the general procedure same for both. The main difference between the two mounting adhesives is the way they react to glass. A Pressure Sensitive adhesive forms an immediate mechanical bond to glass and becomes marginally stronger during the curing/drying process. The reaction is similar to every day adhesive tape. The adhesive is in a ready state of usage and only requires slight pressure to bond with a surface. The squeegeeing process is not only designed to remove mounting solution, but the firm press against the glass initiates the PS adhesion process as well.

Laminating and Mounting. Laminating adhesives are applied during the manufacturing process where two or more plies of raw materials are fused together.

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