Adhesive Tape

Product Description

Adhesive Tape is coated with adhesive either on one side or both, and used for temporarily or permanently joining two overlapping materials. Adhesive tape is something everyone uses daily. It helps in a number of purposes. Its convenience makes it virtually indispensable in homes and at work places. If accidentally an important document tears at work, just reach for an adhesive tape to fix it in a minute. This invention has become indispensable all over the world.

The different kinds of adhesive tape include sticky tape that is transparent, gaffer tape that is thicker fabric or plastic tape, brown tape that is used for sealing cartons, masking tape that is used to cover areas that paint must not fall on etc. There is also electrical tape that is made of materials like vinyl which are bad conductors of electricity. Surgical tape is an adhesive bandage used to hold a dressing on a wound.

We can supply as per customer requirement

All type of Adhesive Tape are available:

Adhesive Tapes
Double Sided Adhesive Tapes
Duct Adhesive Tapes
BOPP Adhesive Tapes
BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes
Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes
Self Adhesive Tape
Polyester Adhesive Tape
Double Sided Self Adhesive Tape
Flame Retardant Adhesive Tape
Packaging Sealing Adhesive Tape
Nitto 501L Non Woven Adhesive Tape
Single Sided Adhesive Tape
Industrial Adhesive Tapes
OPP Adhesive Tapes
Nitto 5129 Adhesive Tapes
PVC Adhesive Tapes
Sealing Adhesive Tapes
PTFE Glass Adhesive Tapes
Resin Glass Adhesive Tapes
PTFE Coated One Side Adhesive Tapes
Polyester Adhesive Tape
Brown Adhesive Tapes

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