Paper Gum Tape

Product Description

Paper Gum Tape was used in the past before BOPP Self Adhesive Tapes were introduced. But of late the world has become more vigorous and forceful when it comes to safeguard the environment. Tape is biodegradable, 100% recyclable and re-pulp able. Reinforced Paper Gum Tape is back again recapturing its lost charm as it is environment and user friendly. Gummed tape provides secure closure for inner packing and lightweight packaging. We manufacture Re-moist able Paper Gum Tapes as well as Reinforced Rayon Paper Gum Tape both printed and plain.

Paper gum tape bonds instantly to all corrugated carton surfaces and generates an immediate tamper-evident seal, it adheres well in dusty environments. These tapes are not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Reinforced Paper Gum Tape are made of extra strong fiberglass yarns which bond between sheets of paper to provide an extra margin of strength. They are known for its excellent performance in high speed, overfill and underfill applications. These are environment friendly; and can be removed during re-pulping to allow easy recycling of the gummed paper tape.

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