Plastic Straps

Product Description

Plastic Straps are used for strong packaging of industrial goods. To facilitate all esteemed customers, we provide these Plastic Straps in various colors in order to add elegance to the packing. These Plastic Straps gives an extra strength to the packing and keeps the goods safe during transportation.
The heat seal strapping has a high heat resistance and high tensile quality under both hot and humid conditions. Heat seal strapping is available from the width of 9mm onwards. Heat seal strapping is used for single use or production line. This is also suitable for carton packing. It is extensively used in home appliance, textile, food, general merchandise, medicine, chemical and many other industries.

Plastic Straps are widely admired for its features of low cost, no rust problem, need not be buckled with steel, good extensibility, no problem of lumpiness and scratches. Similarly for these straps, elongation needs to be adjusted as per the requirements of various customers. These straps are without steel buckles, cannot be broken easily and owing to its clean appearance, diverse color, its use recyclable materials, and compliance with international standard of non-polluted of packaging materials, these are considered as environmental products. These are mainly used for import and export packing, Fragile merchandise packing, Canned food, Heat materials, Packing aluminum.

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